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INERGEN Fire Suppression systems


Inergen (or IG541) Fire Suppression systems is a blend of three different naturally occuring Inert gas's, i.e. Nitrogen, Argon and CO2.  The blend of these gases are based on a mix of 50% Argon, 42% Nitrogen and 8% CO2.

Inergen is store in high pressure vessels, normally 80 litres.  The gas is stored as a gas (not liquid) and each cylinder holds approximately 25m2 of gas. 


Advantages of using Inergen:-

Bouyancy:- Inergen is extremely bouyant due to the mix of nitrogen in is blend.  Nitrogen is lighter than air and keeps the heavier Argon and CO2 gas from sinking too fast

Safety:- The CO2 within the Inergen or IG541 fire suppressant agent assists with respiratory within depleted oxyegen environments.  It also helps the bloods cells within our body to absorb more oxygen when levels are lower.

Distribution:- Inergent Fire Suppression systems are generally configured as a centrally banked system with distribution pipe to singular or multiple area's


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